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With Hong Kong being a cosmopolitan and bilingual hub within close proximity to all major cultural centres in Asia, ASAHK is in an advantageous position to promote activities in Asian Studies and to encourage collaborations between scholars in Hong Kong and Asia and their colleagues in other parts of the world. The coming activities of the Association will need your active participation as well as generous support. Not exclusively, we are looking at the following activities:

  • Holding an annual Conference to promote Asian Studies in Hong Kong;

  • Organizing public lectures and workshops to encourage interdisciplinary scholarly study of the Asian region;

  • Facilitating academic exchanges and study tours for scholars within and beyond the region; and

  • Promoting publications on Asian Studies in the forms of book series, journals, and newsletters, in both English and Chinese.

Annual General Meeting
October 2006

Annual Report

President's Reports
August 2006
March 2008
June 2009
May 2010

Exco Meeting Minutes
6th, September 2005
7th, October 2005
8th, November 2005
32th, April 2011
33th, July 2011
34th, November 2011

President's Reports
Annual Report
Annual General Meeting
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