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21-22 JANUARY 2006

The First Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong to be held at City University of Hong Kong on 21 - 22 January 2006.

The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong was formally established with an inaugural meeting in December 2004 to elect its first Executive Committee. The idea of establishing such an Association could be dated to early 2002 when a group of concerned Hong Kong scholars met and discussed organizing an Association similar in nature to the Regional Asian Studies Association in Japan. Thus the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong was born and at present its key office bearers are as follows:

President: Professor Joseph CHENG Yu-shek, CityU
1st Vice President: Professor WONG Siu Lun, HKU
2nd Vice President: Professor Samuel CHEUNG, CUHK
Secretary: Dr. Steven Luk, CUHK
Treasurer: Professor Reuben MONDEJAR, CityU

The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong aims to provide not only a forum for like-minded scholars from across the region, but also opportunities for scholars, both mature and young, to exchange ideas on a wide range of issues relevant to Asian Studies. The establishment of ASAHK is to enhance interdisciplinary studies in both humanities and social sciences, and to encourage intercollegiate cooperation within and across the region.

To promote the development of Asian Studies in Hong Kong, the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong will hold its First Annual Conference on 21 – 22 January (Sat and Sun) 2006 at City University of Hong Kong, and is now inviting scholars and researchers from all disciplines in both the humanities and social sciences to propose papers of panels (English/Chinese) in the field of Asian Studies. Those who are interested can refer to the conference guidelines enclosed herewith and send their proposals or enquiries to:

Professor Joseph CHENG Yu-shek, e-mail:
Professor SO Wai Chor, e-mail:
Professor Leo T H Chan, e-mail:
Professor LEE Pui-tak, e-mail:

Deadline of submission of proposals: 10 September 2005.

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