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Compelled by their research interests in Asian Studies, a group of concerned Hong Kong scholars met in early 2002 and explored the idea of organizing a Hong Kong association of Asian Studies, a set-up similar in nature to the Regional AAS Conference in Japan. They met with the AAS President, Professor James Watson, and the Board of Directors in 2003 to discuss the significance and procedures of forming such an organization. A poll was conducted after their return and the response was extremely encouraging. With tremendous support received from both international and local scholars, the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong (ASAHK) was formally established with an inaugural meeting in December 2004 to elect its first Executive Committee.


The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong aims to provide not only a forum for like-minded scholars from across the region, but also opportunities for scholars, both mature and young, to exchange ideas on a wide range of issues relevant to Asian Studies. The establishment of ASAHK is to enhance interdisciplinary studies in both humanities and social sciences, and to encourage intercollegiate cooperation within and across the region. Its objectives include:

  • To promote the development of Asian Studies in Hong Kong;

  • To facilitate interdisciplinary investigations of issues pertinent to Asia, China and Hong Kong;

  • To encourage academic exchanges between scholars and institutions in Hong Kong and their counterparts in other parts of the world; and

  • To provide a forum for scholarly communication on Asia through conferences and publication.


With Hong Kong being a cosmopolitan and bilingual hub within close proximity to all major cultural centers in Asia, ASAHK is in an advantageous position to promote activities in  Asian Studies and to encourage collaborations between scholars in Hong Kong and Asia and their colleagues in other parts of the world. The coming activities of the Association will need your active participation as well as generous support. Not exclusively, we are looking at the following activities:

  • holding an annual Conference to promote Asian Studies in Hong Kong;

  • organizing public lectures and workshops to encourage interdisciplinary scholarly study of the Asian region;

  • facilitating academic exchanges and study tours for scholars within and beyond the region; and

  • promoting publications on Asian Studies in the forms of book series, journal, and newsletter, in both English and Chinese.

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